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Workshops and Events


At different times we run various workshops and events. Past workshops and events include art workshops and exhibitions; photography workshops and exhibitions; circus skills, drumming, and Junkadelic instrument workshops; Pride Parade preparation workshops and participation; craft sessions and much more!


We decide what we’re doing and when based on what YOU and FC drop-in centre visitors want to get involved in! So if you have any great ideas or burning desires for activities, workshops or events, talk to Dani (FC Coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /9228 0354 /9482 0000) and we’ll check out if others are interested and get things happening!


Current Workshops & Events


Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su

FC’s bimonthly Saturday session OUTSPACE is a workshop and activity based session so check out the schedule here or select a day on the calender for more details.


Sleepovers Retreats are held by FC every Summer, Autumn and Winter school holidays so sign up to our enews or contact FC to find out how to register.


FC is CLOSED on any public holiday and between Xmas and New Year!


Check out our Calendar for all session and event details



Upcoming Workshops & Events

Check out our Calendar for all upcoming events or join the FC Forum or follow us on tumblr to keep up with all the haps! www.fcyeah.tumblr.com


FC Sleepovers occur twice a year in January and July School holidays and are an opportunity for you to stay over in the FC premises. Once a year in April we also have the FC EPIC Retreat where we stay in dorms for 2 nights. At retreat/sleepovers we do fun  activities  such as cooking, craft, workshops, movies and lots more.


Past Workshops & Events

Each year in October, the month of the Pride Festival, we make our own Pride Parade Float, so we have Workshops leading up to the Pride Parade and everyone is invited to be in our Pride Parade Float. For the Pride Festival each year we hold the FC Open Day for the community to visit, see our photography and art on display and find out what we’d been up to that year at FC.


DSG educational and discussion-based workshops

Get informed about a range of DSG (Diverse Sexuality, sex and/or Gender) issues, such as sexuality, coming out, discrimination, gender diversity, intersex info, trans issues, safe sex & sexual health, and community. Come along to one, some or all of the monthly Outspace workshops on Saturdays to discuss and find out all you need to know about DSG!


Art Workshops

FC will be running several art workshops at various times and sessions. During these workshops visitors and vollies create pieces of artwork to be displayed around the centre. We've had specifc funded art Projects like ExSIGHT and Emerge, but we do art and craft and Zine making throughout the time at FC Drop-in sessions too.


FC EPIC Retreats

Following the success of several past retreats, there were EPIC three day retreats held in July 2010 & 2011 and again in April 2012. There was a Youth Action Workshop held by Inspire's ActNow in 2010, a Police Diversity Unit talk in April 2012 and a lot of other activities and awesome times had.


For 2008 World Suicide Prevention Day on October 11th, FC held an educational workshop at Freespace.


In 2007 for the Pride Parade’s ‘Imagine One Better World’ theme we made our own poi and Junkadelic saxophones out of recycled materials and did a drumming workshop. We were sponsored by Gay in WA to parade through Northbridge drumming, blowing, twirling, and with giant Carnivale De Funk puppets entertaining the onlookers!


In 2006 for the Pride Parade’s ‘Carnivale’ theme we did a series of circus skills workshops with Isabelle Necessary from Disco Cantito and paraded through Northbridge on stilts and doing impressive poi, flags and devil sticks tricks!


In 2006 we had the Emerge Art Project 06 which was a series of art workshops over three months and an art exhibition to display our art and close the project. The Project was funded by Proplearts’ YCulture Grant through Healthway and was a great success with lots of enthusiastic participants, many people visiting the exhibition and attending the exhibition opening, and an awesome exhibition of young same sex attracted & gender diverse people’s art! You can see some photos of the exhibition in the photos section of this site.


The Emerge 03 project was a series of writing and photography workshops culminated by an exhibition. The project involved photographing same sex couples showing affection (holding hands, putting arms around each other, kissing) in public and the public’s reaction to their PDAs (Public Displays of Affection). The project was really successful, giving the young same sex attracted participants confidence about being themselves in public and some new creative skills!