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What does ‘Coming Out’ mean

This can mean something different to everyone. Coming out to yourself has to do with developing an awareness that you are LGBTQ. Coming out to others involves disclosing your LGBTIQ identity. Coming out to others may be an ongoing process throughout life, though when it’s talked about, for example, as “when did you come out?” it refers to when you first disclosed your LGBTQ identitiy to significant family and friends. Some people choose to come out only to specific people in their life.

Is it a difficult thing to do??

For some people this can be a very difficult process, for others it’s not difficult at all and for many people it’s a mixture of both, with great experiences and not-so-great experiences together.

It is important to consider a few things to prepare you before you decide to come out to the people in your life. Check out the info sheets on ‘Things to Think about Before Coming Out’ and the ‘Dos and Don’ts of Coming Out’.
You could also check out the following places for more info on coming out;

The Only Way Out is In’ is an info booklet for young people who are starting to explore their sexuality and/or gender. Developed and produced in Qld by LGBT young people and Open Doors Youth Service Inc in 2004. http://www.opendoors.net.au/zone_files/PDFs/only_way_out_is_in_(low_qua).pdf


Gay & Lesbian Health Victoria have heaps of info on coming out at http://www.glhv.org.au/?q=taxonomy/term/41


www.reachout.asn.au (go to ‘the issues/select an issue’ and click on ‘sexuality and coming out’)


The SimplyTrans’ booklet also has a section on coming out (p.8) for gender diverse people.

Out Proud (American based) has online brochures, coming out stories, forums and info at http://www.outproud.org



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