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FC Forum Community Rules

There are a few rules you must follow when you visit the FC Forum. Please take time to read and understand these rules. Members who violate these Community Rules may be removed from the FC Forum community, at Freedom Centre's sole discretion.


1) Treat everyone with respect. This is a safe space.
Respect all people and groups (both within FC and everywhere else) - including yourself. You don't have to agree with everything everyone says, but if you do have a disagreement, be respectful! Treat others as you want to be treated. Don't post comments that are disrespectful towards yourself or anyone else.

2) Do not post your, nor anyone else’s personal information. (full name, phone numbers, email, myspace, msn/AIM, address etc)

If you want to get in touch with someone that you have met on the forum, arrange to meet at the Freedom Centre. This might seem unfair, but it is important to remember that you don’t actually know who is typing under a forum username. FC has carefully established this rule (and others) to ensure the safety of all FC Online service users. Once you’ve gotten to know someone and developed enough trust in person at FC, then exchanging contact details is ok. We hope this rule makes you consider your personal safety and what personal info you give out in other online. Please read FC’s Safe Online info page for further information.

3) No hateful posts, bullying allowed.

Do not insult, abuse or harass others. Attacks, bullying or insults to other people or groups are not allowed. FC is a safe space (Online and IRL). Also remember that type doesn’t show sarcasm, make sure that what you say couldn’t be taken badly by anyone at any time (perhaps stating that you are using a ::sarcastic tone:: could be an alternative where necessary).

4) This is a no pick up zone.

Do not use the forum as a dating service or to solicit dates, hook ups or friends with benefits – that’s not what FC is about. FC is about getting info and support, and meeting others who have similar experiences to our own. No one should feel pressured or ‘preyed upon’ by anyone in a FC space. If someone says something that makes you feel uncomfortable or asks you out in a FC space, say no assertively. If they do not stop, contact Dani at FC to report the individual.


5) Do not use this space if over 25 or under influence of drugs or alcohol

This is a youth space where we respect ourselves. That means no-one can be over 25, and you’re expected to respect yourself – which includes not being under the influence of drugs or alcohol when using FC services.

While people can discuss and get information about the facts and safety issues of drug & alcohol use at FC, FC is a drug and alcohol free zone that does not encourage drug and alcohol use & abuse. So talking about drug & alcohol use or abuse as though it is funny or cool is inappropriate.

6) The responses to your posts are just suggestions and opinions, not definitive instructions.
Suggestions and information given must be constructive and not mean or hurtful. Hurtful posts or posts that encourage harmful behavior will be removed from the forum.

7) We do not allow pornographic, discriminatory, hateful or otherwise inappropriate language or usernames.

We reserve the right to determine what is considered an inappropriate username and language. Swearing is not encouraged. Remember that this forum is for anyone under 26 and from all kinds of backgrounds and experiences. No post should contain language that may offend anyone who may be using the forum.

8) We reserve the right to remove any language or images that we deem inappropriate.

Do not request or post links to any sites that display pornographic, violent or hateful materials. Do not post or request pornographic stories and/or images. Any racist, hateful, pornographic or otherwise inappropriate language (ie, derogatory of anyone's race, nationality, sexual orientation or religious beliefs) or images will be deleted.

9) Do not impersonate Freedom Centre staff members or other members of the community.

10) Re-publishing your words: Your words are very important.
What you say can offer insight and wisdom to other FC Forum visitors. Since what you say is so valuable, we will try to bring the best of your words out to a larger audience. We may do this from time to time by quoting your forum posts in newsletters, throughout FC’s website and its promotions including: our booklets, within newspaper columns, other media and publicity. All quotes will remain anonymous.

11) Follow FC Forum moderators' instructions.

These moderators are there to keep the content of the forum useful and fun for everyone. If a moderator contacts you and asks you to stop a certain behavior, you are required to do so. Failure to follow community guidelines can result in the cancellation of your FC Forum membership. When a moderator posts to the board, their nickname will contain the prefix FCMod_ (eg. FCMod_Dani)

12) Please report any inappropriate posts.

While we monitor the community, we cannot catch everything that goes on right away. Please help us by letting us know if you see something inappropriate in any of our community services. Messages that would be considered inappropriate are those that have broken one or more of the community rules. You can report by sending an email to Dani at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or using the contact form on the Contact page. Include the name of thread that the message was posted in along with the nickname of the person posting.