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Trainings, Professional Development & Resources

Freedom Centre offers a range of trainings & presentations for professionals & workshops for groups.


We also provide information resources (see our Info page for downloads or Contact Us to order copies). Our Glossary and links directory is also a great source of information.


Please Contact Dani, the Freedom Centre Coordinator, to request any information you need, or for us to come to you for trainings, service info sessions or community events. 


FC Trainings can be tailored to cover knowledge and skills with a range of depths and focusses according to length of time allocated for trainings and the needs of your organisation or context. They may include some or all of the following;


•    LGBTIQ+ 101: understanding intersex, sexuality and gender and terminology
•    Myths and issues faced by young people who are LGBTIQ+
•    Understanding LGBTIQ+ people’s personal perspectives
•    Values and attitudes about LGBTIQ+ diversity
•    Types of homophobia, biphobia, transphobia & discrimination against LGBTIQ+ people: its impact on LGBTIQ+ young people and how to respond to it.

•    Psycho-social health factors and statistics for LGBTIQ+ young people

•    Framework for supporting LGBTIQ+ young people and inclusive practice

•    Medical and social transition info and considerations for trans people
•    Useful resources for further understanding and knowledge


Freedom Centre Trainings are delivered by Dani Wright Toussaint, who has over a decade of experience training professionals and the community in areas of sexuality, LGBTIQ diversity and suicide prevention. Dani has been the FC Coordinator since 2007 and currently sits on the WA Ministerial Council for Suicide Prevention and the National LGBTI Health Alliance Board.


You can also access similar trainings by YouthLink or Opening Closets training by Living Proud.