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Frequently asked questions about FC

FAQs About FC Services

What is Freedom Centre?

We are a youth owned drop-in space for young people (under 26) who are same sex attracted, sex and/or gender diverse. We also run groups, courses, retreats, activities and events.

What does Freedom Centre offer?

Freedom Centre is a free service. We provide a safe social space to meet new people, chat, hang out, get support and find information on a range of issues.


Freedom Centre is not a counseling service but provides referrals to queer friendly counseling, accommodation, health and crisis services. We also do trainings for professionals working with young people.

What happens at the Centre?

Most of the time everyone just sits around and chats and has cups of tea and coffee!! It’s very laid back. Sometimes we’ll play cards or board games or watch a dvd or video if everyone wants to. People can come and go as they please – or drop in and out! Some people bring, or pop out and buy, their dinner or munchies. Basically, as long as the FC Rules are followed and everyone is respected, you and the other visitors can do whatever you please; FC is our centre!

Can I bring a friend or family member?

Yes. Going to any new place for the first time can be scary, so feel free to bring along a friend or family member for support while you are getting used to Freedom Centre.

What are the rules around picking up at FC?

Freedom Centre is a no 'pick-up' zone. Respecting Freedom Centre space means respecting everyone's personal space. People come to Freedom Centre expecting a safe space for friendship, support and information. There are other queer venues in Perth where 'picking up' is acceptable behaviour, Freedom Centre provides something different. If you ever feel uncomfortable by someone else's behaviour, let one of the volunteers or staff know.

What are the rules at the Freedom Centre?

It's fairly basic and can be summed up in one word: Respect. This means respecting yourself and others, so be aware of peoples privacy and personal space; and respecting the space. Additionally FC is a drug and alcohol free zone.

When I'm at FC how can I be sure that what I say remains confidential?

We take confidentiality really seriously. Staff and volunteers attend training about confidentiality, its importance and how to maintain it. We take it to the extent that if a volunteer sees you in the street and recognises you from FC they will not say "hello" just in case you are with family/friends and you don't want to explain how you know each other. As for stuff at the Centre, there's space for you to have private conversations with staff and volunteers. We'll keep what you say confidential except if you are going to harm yourself or others.

How old are people who come to FC?

Generally between 15 and 25, but it really varies from day to day. Our upper age limit is 25 but there's no lower age limit. People who are aged 26 and over can access other groups through GLCS (Gay and Lesbian Community Services) such as "26 Up" for men attracted to men, and "Women on Women" for same sex attracted women. It's important that we maintain 25 and under as our age limit for a number of reasons: our funding is specifically for the 15-25 age bracket; we think its really important to provide young people with their own space and with opportunities to support, manage and run that space; maintaining youth space means that the peer model of support carries through from generation to generation; the experience of coming out as a young person is very different from the experience of coming out later in life. All our volunteers are aged between 18 and 26.

I'm fairly happy about my sexuality, I just want to check out FC for more info, am I going to be really out of place?

No. While people come to Freedom Centre with all sorts of questions, most people are just looking for a safe space to be who they are, to find out more and to talk to other people who might have similar experiences to them. No matter how comfortable you are with your sexuality, Freedom Centre is a safe space for you to make contact with peers and access info.

Who are the volunteers? Can I be a volunteer?

Volunteers are aged between 18 – 25 with diverse sexualities and/or gender. There are at least two volunteers at every shift. Volunteers are trained peers who understand confidentiality and know how to be good listeners. To become a volunteer you must be at least 18, you must attend an interview with the Coordinator, and then you must complete the appropriate training. Email us for more information.

I want to meet you guys but can't get to Freedom Centre yet. Is there some other way we can talk?

Yes. You can get in touch by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), add us to your MSN to FC Chat with FC volunteers and staff, or phone us (9228 0354 /9482 0000).

Where is Freedom Centre? How can I get in contact?

93 Brisbane St Northbridge (go to our Contact Us page for directions & a map)
For more info about Freedom Centre call Dani on 9482 0000 during business hours or 9228 0354 during session times or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.