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Dear FC, I'm 25 almost 26 and I want to come to FC. What happens when I turn 26?

You are welcome to come along while you’re still under 26. Once you turn 26 you can access support from GLCS (www.glcs.org.au) who have a women’s and a men’s group for people over 26.

Dear FC, can you make me straight?

No-one can change who you’re attracted to. Sometimes we feel things that we didn’t expect, or that society tells us not to but, we all have to trust and respect our feelings, even if it takes some time. Check out our Info sheets on Sexuality, Coming Out and Identity.

I like to wear my sister's knickers. Does this make me a gay?

Being gay is about who you're attracted to and who you fall in love with, not what you like to wear. What you wear doesn't determine your sexuality. Everyone is different and we all have different preferences for sexuality, gender & fantasies and the ways we express them. Check out our Info Sheets on sexuality, gender & identity to look at this more.