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Outspace - 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month 12pm-5pm – a session for all people under 26 who are LGBTIQQ. These sessions are activity-based so come along to try something new, get active and have fun!

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3rd Thursday of the month 5–8pm –

Qculture is a session for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and culturally diverse people who are LGBTIQQ. Drop in to have a yarn!

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1st Thursday of the month 5–8pm – a session for all people under 26 who are trans* and gender diverse
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Special FC Events

Other events that FC runs from time to time or is involved with.

General Community Events

These are other events going on in the community.

Junior aGender

Junior aGender is on the last Monday of every even month 5-8pm - a session for young people 18 & under who are Trans* and/or gender diverse and their families. Scheduled for 26 August, 28 October 2013.



Wednesdays 5-8pm & Fridays 4–8pm – a session for all people under 26 who are same sex attracted and gender diverse (formerly called Create)

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