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Youth Sites

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Everything2 is a collection of user-submitted writings about, well, pretty much everything.


headspace is Australia's National Youth Mental Health Foundation. The headspace mission is to deliver improvements in the mental health, social wellbeing and economic participation of young Australians aged 12-25.


Keep it Tame helps young people to be empowered and make smart and safe choices online. Through the website they can see the potential negative effects of harmful behaviour, as well as explore resources that will let them learn more about how to be safe w ...


ReachOut.com is designed to help young people through tough times. It has info about mental health, alcohol and other drugs, sex and relationships, school and study, bullying and abuse, and personal identity, just to name a few, as well as a section all a ...


An internet safety program delivering interactive training to parents, carers and teachers through primary and secondary schools in the ACT, NSW and Victoria using a network of accredited trainers. Created by the UK Child Exploitation and Online Protecti ...